Is it possible to Have Your Cake and eat it too?

Whilst having beverages chat with mature a good friend another evening, she asked myself this question-“Is it possible to casually big date while looking some thing really serious?”

Meaning-can i’ve my personal dessert and consume it too? Am I able to get it ALL?She informed me this lady grasp plan-she would separate up the woman time passed between “fun” times, and severe dates.  If she had an itch, she’d truly obtain it scraped, yet still keep herself available to a long term connection.

I shared with her this is a bad idea. Exactly Why?

When she is arranging some everyday times on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, between the woman task, the woman buddies, the woman existence, whenever precisely would she have enough time in order to meet dudes who will be into anything serious…she wouldn’t.  It is not only time intensive, it really is confusing on her heart.  In order for the woman to date two different types of guys, she would need to be two distinct women to please them.whenever preparing for a date, she’d must remember what character to try out, rather than just becoming the woman fantastic self.

Versus attempting to carry out both, I informed her to possess it.  Purchased it if she doesn’t want everything severe, or purchased it if she really does, but don’t you will need to own it all. It was very important to her to determine what she certainly wants nowadays, and pursue it…one method or perhaps the different.

It is critical to accept where you are in life, immediately after which be indeed there 100%. For a lot of folks, relaxed matchmaking is a stage of life, perhaps not a location.  Perchance you’ve merely ended a life threatening commitment, or have actually a rather hectic working arrangements that does not allow time for anything long-term, you still wish some affection and company. Never try to force yourself into considering a significant connection is really what you “should” be doing just because society believes so-give culture the middle hand, and carry out what’s right for YOU!

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